New Customer: Volkswagen innovates manufacturing with move to Verne Global

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Verne Global, a global developer at the fore front of data center infrastructure design, today announced Volkswagen is moving more than 1 MW of high performance computing (HPC applications to Verne Global’s data center campus in Iceland. The company will take advantage of Verne Global’s hybrid data center approach – with variable resiliency and flexible density – to support HPC applications in its continuous quest to develop cutting-edge cars and automotive technology.

“The hybrid data center solution of Verne Global gives us quick and easy capacity for our High-Performance Computing applications,” says Harald Berg, Head of IT Tools, Network and Data Center in the Volkswagen Group. “We were particularly impressed by the modular design of the data center that allows us to respond to increasing demands in a flexible manner.”

Volkswagen is committed to developing new processes and applications for the modern “digital factory” of today’s automotive industry. As more and more real-life factory operations become virtualized, Volkswagen is utilizing HPC applications for everything from shortening design cycles, traffic optimization, developing and improving the connected car and more.

To drive innovation in its manufacturing process, Volkswagen is taking advantage of Verne Global’s unique, hybrid data center approach. Verne Global is the data center industry’s only developer offering the ability to scale resiliency and density of both of its solutions, powerDIRECT and powerADVANCE. Companies, like Volkswagen, can now have greater flexibility to support their individual computing needs. While both solutions deliver highly optimized data center infrastructure, powerDIRECT enables IT organizations to meet the increasing demand for high and ultra-high density applications. powerADVANCE is a traditional Tier III data center solution with the highest possible specification enterprise-ready data center environment.

“Our expertise delivering data center solutions for discrete manufacturing allow companies such as those in the automotive sector to do more compute for less,” said Jeff Monroe, CEO of Verne Global. “We see our unique offering as the future of data center solutions and a means to support companies, like Volkswagen, as they drive towards innovation, forward-thinking design and operational efficiency.”


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